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Australia is at the forefront of the green building and sustainable building practices. LEED certification is the most widely used green building rating system in the world and means a healthier, more productive design with reduced stress on the environment.

Thinking of undertaking a refurbishment or upgrade? Need an assessment of existing systems and infrastructure? An existing condition report will help identify elements which may need replacement, upgrading, are non compliant or require preventive maintenance to ensure building systems are compliant and function efficiently.

Looking at purchasing an existing building or asset? A Due Diligence report will provide an assessment of the existing systems, identify areas of non compliance and highlight potential costs of system upgrades and replacements prior to purchase.

Thinking of building, developing or preparing a Development Application? Are you aware of legislative and code requirements for space and clearance requirements of hydraulic systems? These items can be identified at this early stage and reduce impacts on appearance and layout in the future.

Are you undertaking plumbing and drainage works? You will require a plumbing and drainage approval from your local authority before undertaking any work on site. We will prepare and lodge these plans for you as part of preparing your hydraulic services design.

Building and development over 500sqm will require a dedicated fire system to ensure the occupants safety in the event of a fire. These systems are subject to the review and approval of the local fire authority. We can prepare documentation for approval by your local fire authority for your development or building.

SDG are leaders in the design and documentation for plumbing sub contractors to assist in winning and delivering design and construct contracts. Our designs are industry proven, cost efficient and innovative. We provide co-ordinated design solutions and leave no stone unturned to ensure there are no cost overruns or over sights during the design process.

For Plumbing Contractors
We will work with you throughout the tender process to ensure your submission covers all necessary aspects of the development, provide value engineering and cost savings where available and partner with your team to deliver a successful project.

For Building Owners and Contractors
If you require documentation to enable a competitive tender process and ensure all sub contractors are meeting your specific project requirements, SDG can provide documentation to allow you to obtain competitive pricing.

SDG can prepare fully documented ‘hydraulic services design’ packages ready for tendering purposes and construction. This ensures each contractor is providing exactly what is designed and documented.

At SDG our experts can visually inspect construction works at varying stages, provide construction advice and ensure your construction is running smoothly. We can answer and provide responses to requests for information during the construction process. We will also ensure the hydraulic services are installed in accordance with the design documentation, Australian Standards and local authority regulations.

SDG offer plumbing contractors the option to provide penetration drawings for construction and set out of services. We pride ourselves on accuracy and understand the need to ensure services are coordinated. We do not accept 99% as good enough.

We offer clients our services to undertake ‘as constructed’ documentation in both AutoCAD and Revit. We use information provided to use to create accurate records of installed services.

Our Capabilities

Our team are qualified specialists and industry leaders in hydraulic services design.
Our experienced team are committed to providing exceptional service and delivering high quality
design solutions in the following specific fields;

Sanitary Drainage and Plumbing

Trade Waste Drainage and Pre-treatment

Stormwater Drainage

Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire Hose Reels Systems

LPG and Natural Gas Systems

Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse

Roof Water Drainage

Subsoil Drainage

Hot Water Generation

Hot, Cold and Tempted Water Systems

Filtered, Recycled and Non Potable Water Systems

Wash Down Systems

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